3 Month Turnaround for Blood Sugar Balance

All inclusive program for blood sugar balance, weight loss resistance and vibrant energy

3 Month Turnaround for Blood Sugar Balance

All inclusive program for blood sugar balance, weight loss resistance and vibrant energy

This program is for you if:

  • You have been told you have high blood sugar or pre-diabetes
  • You have difficulty losing weight
  • You want to stay off medication for high blood sugar
  • You get tired after meals
  • You have an afternoon slump
3 Month Turnaround for Blood Sugar Balance

3 Month Turnaround for Blood Sugar Balance Inquiry

3 Month Turnaround for Blood Sugar Balance Includes:

  • Functional Medicine assessment, treatment plan w/ follow up call
  • Cardio-Metabolic panel
  • Thyroid panel
  • Mobile lab draw included ( will meet you at your home, office or at clinic)
  • A video conference or office visit with test result review & treatment plan
  • 6 video conference or office visit follow up, every 2 weeks- 45-60min each
  • Blood sugar balancing & anti-inflammatory supplements/herbs
  • Functional Medicine food plan, shopping list and recipes
  • Unlimited text and email for support around program: diet, lifestyle, supplements, & test instructions
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Meet ReNee

ReNee Greenberg, RN, MTOM, LAc, IFMCP is the founder of Women’s Hormone Health, creator of online courses and small group programs for women and most importantly, the mother to 2 creative & brilliant teenage daughters. She has been working in the healthcare field for over 25 years. After 10 years of working as an ICU nurse, stressed and burned out, she started to look for a more holistic way to practice medicine. ReNee was introduced to acupuncture and Chinese Medicine while working in California and she saw first hand the efficacy of natural medicine. She completed a Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MTOM) in 2001 at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA.

To complement her academic training, ReNee completed a 2-year Japanese acupuncture certification with Miki Shima, OMD and a 2-year mentorship in women’s health with Loisanne Keller, RN, OMD. This early training was focused on complex health issues using functional medicine, Japanese acupuncture, individualized herbal formulations, nutrition and mind-body lifestyle techniques.

Always striving to stay current and effective for her patients, ReNee has completed the Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner training. IFMCP is an exclusive certification and involves an intensive functional medicine training based on the root-cause treatment of disease-rather than symptom management. Through a patient-centered, evidenced-based approach that acknowledges each patient’s unique genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors, she can formulate personalized treatment plans that lead to improved patient outcomes.

ReNee has been integrating Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine in her private practice for the last 17 years. Her knowledge of Western medicine with her use of Functional and Chinese Medicine has been a powerful, holistic & drug-free approach to helping her patients return to their optimal health.

ReNee Greenberg

Women's Hormone Health

Women’s Hormone Health is a place for women of all ages to find true health, vibrant energy and hormonal harmony! By looking at how your body is functioning and communicating between the adrenal glands, thyroid, brain, detoxification systems, digestive system, and mind-body connection we can find the source of your imbalance and work toward your hormonal health, naturally.

I am located in San Diego, California and see patients by appointment only for Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine. Appointments can be made for the La Jolla village or Point Loma locations and also offer video-consultations and small group programs.