Led by ReNee Greenberg, RN, MTOM, LAc

Learn the connection between Stress, Hormones and Weight Loss Resistance.

In this Hormone Health Coaching Program you will:

  • Find Hormonal Balance & Peace of Mind

  • Release Excess Weight & Slim Down

  • Turn Back the Clock and Feel Amazing

More Energy, Better Skin And Flat Belly!

Through our self-assessments you will be able to indentify which body system is out of balance and how to customize your 30-day plan.

Q&A with the private Facebook group: you will be able to ask your questions to our health coaches and receive support from other members.

You will have access to a simple, step-by-step plan to bring balance back to your body so you feel and look fabulous!

You will get a meal plan full of 30 days worth of yummy recipes, all designed to shed weight effortlessly and reclaim your peace of mind.

What every woman over 35 needs to know about her hormones:

– Learn how to eat to decrease cortisol levels and support your adrenals

– Learn how to exercise less for weight loss & better sleep

– Learn the connection between stress, 5 specific hormones and your inability to lose weight

In this 4 week hormone health coaching program, you will learn how to make lasting changes for hormonal balance and a healthier you!

  • You have hot flashes or night sweats

  • You are tired all the time

  • You have a low libido

  • You have difficulty losing weight

  • You need weekly support and accountability to stay on track

  • You are ready to feel good again!

  • To lose weight and feel good in your body?

  • Energy and passion to enjoy life?

  • Glowing skin and beautiful hair?

  • Vitalty to have fun & feel sexy?

Go deeper with testing & lab work for even better results!

During your 4 week program, you can get more information to make sure you are seeing the whole picture. Schedule a consultation for your complete assessment and looking deeper: Blood Testing (thyroid & hormone panels), Hormone or Adrenal Urine or Saliva Testing, and Organic Acids Testing.These optional tests can be collected in a lab or in the comfort of your own home (not included in price of program).

The functional labs we use incorporate current laboratory science that look at individual, biochemistry and hormonal pathways to assist us in understanding complex health conditions and directing health care in the most efficient way.

Here is what you get during your 4 week program:

30 Day Meal Plan

Simple 30 day meal plans that balance healthy with fun.

Learn how an anti-infammatory diet will leave you feeling full and satisfied while you rebalance the hormone communication within your body.

Stress Management

Mind-body practices and hormone self-assesments to help you become more connected to yourself.

Find your peace of mind by knowing your have a step by step plan to nourish your mind & body.

Private Group

Belong to a Private Facebook Group community and have Q & A with your health coach.

Find accountability, support within a group of women with the same challenges as you.

This is a Online Group Coaching Program for Women

You will receive a step-by-step plan as well as being able to contact our health coaches for support as you reset your hormones.

You will have access to quizzes and self-assessments designed to help you identify which hormone system is out of balance.

Bring your body BACK into harmony. Learn how to balance your hormones and have your body thank you!

Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor before starting a new health program. This is not medical advice. This is for informational purposes only.