Meet Katy Rose, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Katy Rose is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and Wellness educator. She trained at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic’s Institute of Functional Medicine. Katy believes in the healing power of food and the body’s natural ability to heal chronic disease and slow the aging process through lifestyle choices.

This includes diet, exercise, sleep, relaxation, stress management and relationships.

From deep personal experience, she guides our clients through our 3 and 6 month programs with grace and compassion to help create change and transformation for a lifetime of wellness.

What are the benefits of a health coach?

  • Health coaches are experts on human behavior, health, and motivation who can help you take charge of your health and make important health-related behavior changes.
  • A health coach can inspire you to take steps toward your goals in fun and creative ways
  • A health coach is your cheerleader and accountability partner to make the changes necessary for your health, happiness and longevity.
  • Health coaching has been shown to help with weight loss, blood sugar control, cholesterol levels, physical activity, and quality of life.

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Katy Rose, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach
Meet Katy Rose, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

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