Don’t have time for more appointments?
Get the support you need to make lasting changes for optimal health and wellness in the comfort of your own home or office. Our health coaching programs empower you to take charge of your health with experienced guidance delivered by video conference or phone. We will listen to your story, help you set realistic goals and tailor an individualized self-care action plan for your specific needs.

Couples 30-day Reset & Revive Program

Designed to help couples lose weight, increase energy & libido by balancing hormones

This program is for you if:

  • You both need to lose some extra weight
  • You both want more energy
  • You need each other to stay on track
  • You want to bring the spark back
  • You want to find hormone balance (menopause/andropause)
  • You want to start a sustainable eating plan
  • You need guidance and accountability to make a change
Couples 30-day Reset & Revive Program
6 Month Hormone Reset Program

6 Month Hormone Reset Program

All-inclusive transformation to balance stress, thyroid and sex hormones for vibrant energy, weight loss and better sleep

This program is for you if:

  • You have hot flashes
  • You have night sweats
  • You have Hashimoto’s or a Hypothyroid Condition
  • You have restless sleep/insomnia
  • You are moody or irritable
  • You have one to two chronic health issues
  • You are at risk for breast or ovarian cancer
  • You don’t want to use synthetic or bio-identical hormones
  • You have had, or having, excessive stress in your life

3 Month Healthy Gut Program

The 3 Month Healthy Gut Program all-inclusive transformation for Happy, Healthy digestion and immune system

This program is for you if:

  • You have bloating or gas
  • You stay away from certain foods
  • You have aching joints or food allergies
  • You have been told you have Irritable bowel syndrome
  • You have reflux (GERD) or heartburn
  • You have to plan your day around your bathroom trips
  • You are scared to go on trips because of your digestive problems
  • You have chronic acne or other skin problems?
3 Month Healthy Gut Program
Katy Rose, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Katy Rose, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach

Katy Rose is a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach and Wellness educator. She trained at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic’s Institute of Functional Medicine.

  • Health coaches are experts on human behavior, health, and motivation who can help you take charge of your health and make important health-related behavior changes.
  • A health coach can inspire you to take steps toward your goals in fun and creative ways
  • A health coach is your cheerleader and accountability partner to make the changes necessary for your health, happiness and longevity.
  • Health coaching has been shown to help with weight loss, blood sugar control, cholesterol levels, physical activity, and quality of life.

Women's Hormone Health Testimonials

The whole team at Women’s Hormone Health loves to get feedback from our patients. Please take the time to read our testimonials and if you are a current or former patient complete the testimonials form below and include a photo if possible.
Aisha S

I came to Renee almost a year ago with tremendous pain and chronic fatigue. She helped me in all aspects towards my recovery and I would not be feeling better without her!

Page C.

Holy cow!!!! I just took the self-assessment and I am a different person!!! LOVE this program. I needed the slap to help me help myself.

A Ruth Z

I have been seeing ReNee for acupuncture treatments for about 5 years consistently now since developing postpartum anxiety, and highly recommend her for any women’s health issues.

Kelly G

I am so grateful to ReNee at Women’s Hormone Health. ReNee conducted an extensive evaluation and provided me with supplements and diet suggestions that changed my life …

Virginia W.

I have been working with ReNee Greenberg for a few years now. I’m 63 and weight has been an issue for me since forever. I have now gone thru 2 holiday seasons without gaining weight. I am now wearing my smaller clothes. Hallelujah!!

Kelly T.

I’m excited to start a new round of this program! The fad diets I used in my 20s didn’t work anymore and always left me feeling energy-depleted. After completing my first 30 days I felt energized and hot-flash FREE!

Jen P.

Simple, Sexy Hormone Reset program has been just what I needed to get my body back in balance and shed some stubborn pounds! Simple to follow and easy to modify on the fly! I plan to keep up with it because it makes me feel and look great!

Pamela V.

ReNee does a great job at listening and formulating a plan to assist with healing. I highly recommend her services

Shanti P.

I always look forward to my visits with Renee … we are so lucky to have Renee available to us in San Diego. Thank you, Renee!