3 Month Healthy Gut Program

The 3 Month Healthy Gut Program all-inclusive transformation for Happy, Healthy digestion and immune system

3 Month Healthy Gut Program

Because our digestive health is the foundation to our hormone balance, immune health and overall well-being, this program is life-changing for anyone suffering from GI challenges.

This program is for you if:

  • You have bloating or gas
  • You stay away from certain foods
  • You have aching joints or food allergies
  • You have been told you have Irritable bowel syndrome
  • You have reflux (GERD) or heartburn
  • You have to plan your day around your bathroom trips
  • You are scared to go on trips because of your digestive problems
  • You have chronic acne or other skin problems?
3 Month Healthy Gut Program

The 3 Month Healthy Gut Program Includes:

  • Functional Medicine assessment, treatment plan w/ follow up call
  • 6 follow up phone calls, video conference or visit, every 2 weeks – 45-60 min each
  • GI-Map comprehensive stool analysis home test
  • Video conference or office visit with test result review & treatment plan
  • Gut healing Supplements
  • Elimination diet protocol or targeted therapeutic diet with shopping list and recipes
  • Text and email for support around program: diet, lifestyle, supplements, & test instructions
  • 30 minutes sessions with functional medicine health coach for healthy habit change and compassionate guidance and support to help you reach your goals
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