7 Ways to Stop negative chatter Inside Your Head!

young woman in panic

We all have that inner-voice inside our heads trying to stop us or sabotage our health and lifestyle changes. We hear things like “you are not smart enough” “you are not pretty or thin enough” and it tempts us go down that spiral of low-self esteem. Often we want to throw our hands up in defeat- reaching for that cookie or glass of wine.

How can we make a shift in that negative chatter? How can we begin to change the course of our health, future and successes?

Research has proven that meditation and counteracting the negative self-talk can make a big difference. Kristin Neff, PhD, author of Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to yourself, studied women who listened to self- compassion meditations for 3 weeks improved their body image and sense of self- worth. More impressive is that these women were tested 3 months later and these positive feelings toward themselves were still intact.

By silencing your inner critic, you will be able to have a more positive outlook on your body image and be happier overall. Self-compassion is rooted in Buddhist principles and teaches us to love and treat ourselves like we would treat a good friend or loved one.

When our inner dialogue is accepting and positive, we tend to take more time for good nutrition, exercise and treat ourselves with respect. Self criticism holds us back from living the lives that we were meant to live, from achieving our goals and being truly happy and fulfilled.

Begin with writing a letter to yourself from the perspective of an imaginary friend – filled with understanding, love and acceptance. Treat yourself as you would treat an innocent child that requires a nurturing parent. Each time you find yourself in negative self-talk, gently reassure yourself in a non-judgmental way that nobody is perfect and you love yourself without conditions. Meditations daily, self-care and taking time for yourself can all be ways toward your own road to self-compassion.

You can only be you, so be your best self today!

  • Nourish your body with healthy foods; nourish your soul with a spiritual practice
  • Counteract negative thoughts about yourself with something positive
  • Read, watch, talk about and do things that fill your soul…and do it daily
  • Pamper your body with baths, massage, body scrub, pedicure – love yourself!
  • Stop comparing yourself to other people
  • Surround yourself with people who love you for you and help you to be your best self
  • Acknowledge your special gifts and share them with the world! A smile, a song, words of comfort…

Holistic Health: Is it the answer to our healthcare crisis?

holistic medicineI am a Chinese medicine herbalist, acupuncturist, Registered Nurse, and Functional medicine practitioner – but most importantly, a health coach and cheerleader for you! I wear all of these hats at the same time to find the most holistic, effective treatment plan for you and your unique needs.

I like to call my practice “Functional Chinese Medicine” – using a 3,000 year old, ancient, mind-body medicine synergistically with a patient-centered, evidence-based practice for a truly effective holistic health model for chronic disease and prevention.

As with all forms of holistic treatment, Functional Chinese medicine begins with the theory that every human being has an innate resource of wisdom, strength, and health that can be tapped into at any moment. Acupuncture and meditation are ways of making contact with this incredible resource.

Holistic healthcare is one that focuses on:

  • The effects of the mind (beliefs, perceptions, attitudes) on the human body
  • The role that genetics and environment plays in health and disease
  • The relationship between emotional and physical health
  • The energetic processes that underlie physical and emotional imbalances

Have life circumstances caused you to feel alienated from this inner wisdom?

Mind-body medicine is a way to reconnect with ourselves and awaken to our full potential- acupuncture, meditation, yoga are all part of my personal journey to health. I like to empower my patients to take responsibility for their symptoms or imbalances as a way to find their road to optimal health and well-being.

Are you tired of going to your doctor and being offered a pill to suppress or alleviate your symptoms- often with unwanted side effects?

While mainstream healthcare is certainly warranted for acute and life-threatening conditions, it fails at truly offering a deep level of support to the millions of patients with chronic, stress-related issues like anxiety, insomnia, pain, hormone imbalances and digestive disorders.

By putting the responsibility and power in your hands through effective education, compassion and treatment- Functional Chinese medicine treats the root cause of your health conditions.

When we normally think of holistic medicine, we think of the connection between body, mind, and spirit.  I take into consideration the following in my clinic to see the whole picture:

  • The relationship between your beliefs and emotions
  • Physical imbalances, lab work, functional lab testing
  • Dietary habits/supplements/medications
  • Exercise & sleep habits
  • The degree to which you are engaged with and loving your work
  • Social support systems
  • Spiritual awareness

The beauty of holistic medicine is that it truly does account for your individual and unique makeup. Make an appointment for a free consultation and you will see how this holistic approach can help you!


ReNee Greenberg,RN,MTOM, LAc